Fact : Stay In Residence Complex

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Stay in residence complex (like apartment) must pass a gate that always guarded by security 24 hours. They will open the gate to come in and come out. For a…

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Place To Stay At Bogotá (1)

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Looking for a place to stay in Colombia was a little bit amusing. A lot of place to stay with condition and facilities. For example you can choose a small house or big house in complex area or even in apartment. Stay with friend college or with house-parent or with a big family. They maybe have private or share bath room, TV (in your room or living room), but wifi is a must for internet connection. Some of them provide meals and laundry. Some others allow us to use the kicthen. Depend on the condition.


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My Room My Homestay 

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This is my first homestay, in a complex area which is guarded by security. The place is in the middle of city, 10 minutes walk distance to bus stop (transmilenio).…

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