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Place To Stay At Bogotá (1)

Looking for a place to stay in Colombia was a little bit amusing. A lot of place to stay with condition and facilities. For example you can choose a small house or big house in complex area or even in apartment. Stay with friend college or with house-parent or with a big family. They maybe have private or share bath room, TV (in your room or living room), but wifi is a must for internet connection. Some of them provide meals and laundry. Some others allow us to use the kicthen. Depend on the condition.

Along my study in Bogotá, I tried three kind of staying. There were different experiences.

canary bird
Canary bird in the cage

First time I stayed with a grandmother. She stay alone and has a little bird, yellow canary. It remind me to cartoon, tweety bird and a granny. I wonder if there was a slyvester (a pussy cat who always try to catch tweety) around, but i didn’t found it.

She live in a big house which have 3 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 bathroom, and kitchen.The one bedroom is belong to her, two other are rent. In living room there are sofa, TV, and dinning table. The kitchen is complete with gas stove, sink, cabinet for plates and kitchen stuff, also refrigerator. And there is a small place to dry up the clothes. In the bathroom there is shower, closet, washbasin+washing stand, also bathtub.

My room was roomy and full furnish with two window so I can see outside anytime. There is a single bed with pillow and blanket/coverbed, wardrobe, desk, shelf space, electric socket also TV (out of order). This homestay has wifi, so I can use anytime here but must connect with password. My house-parent provided my meals twice a day for breakfast and dinner (see : My First Dinner At Bogotá).

The house is in residence complex (I said it was deluxe apartment) which must pass a gate that always guarded by security 24 hours. They will open the gate to come in and come out. But for visitor, you have to ask permission. The security will ask your name and whom you will visit, then they will make a call to a person that you are headed for. If the person is be in a place, they will allow you inside or maybe that person can pick you up at the gate. And so it was…the owner of the house was picked me up at the front gate.

A place where i stayed have a small garden and basket ball court available inside the complex. There are supermarket, restaurant, clothing store, salon, atm, etc in shopping center, next to the door. To the bus stastion also only take 10 minutes walking distance.

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